Idli fry recipe

idli recipe

Idli fry recipe – a quick fried snack made with left over idlis. From my Mom’s recipe…..


1. Cut the refrigerated or day old idlis into half .

2. Heat oil in a kadi or pan till medium hot. Add the idli and deep fry till light golden or slightly more. Ideally, the fried idli pieces should be crisp from outside and soft from inside. You can also pan fry or shallow fry them.

3.Remove the pieces first as they will get fried quickly. Drain the fried idlis on paper towels to remove excess oil.

4.Serve the idli fry with coconut chutney or tomato sauce.

Note-  to make this idli fry recipe, use only left over idlis or day old idlis which have been refrigerated. Don’t use fresh idlis, because they break in the oil while frying and absorb a lot of oil.

idli recipe


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