Sakhar Amba/ Mango Jam


Its summer time in Munich and lovely raw mangoes in Indian stores. Got some nice big raw mangoes, couldn’t wait to learn the recipe for the Sakhar Amba from my mom as it’s a Authentic Mahrashtraian recipe.

I remember in my childhood, it was my brother’s favourite Sakhar Amba and chapati. It was all the time for his lunch and dinner. My mom and ajji used to prepare a big jar full specially for him. He loved it and so do my 8 years old son now. After trying to cooking it for the very first time following the instructions from my mom.  My son is following his Uncle Sakhar Amba for lunch and dinner now.

So following the instructions from my mother and certified by my son I add this simple special Authentic Maharashtraian recipe to my blog.

Raw mango –    1
Sugar –   1 cup
Ginger – a small piece
Clove –  2-3
Water – 1/2 cup

Instructions :
Peel and chop the mangoes in cubes.
In a pan bring the water to boil then add chopped mangoes to it.
Let it boil for 10 – 15 min.
Now add the sugar, ginger and clove and keep stirring it intermittently till the sugar dissolves.
It should be cooked until sugar syrup gets two thread consistency.
your Sakhar Amba is ready.
Cool it and then store the Sakhar Amba in a clean Jar.
It stays good for 5-6 months


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