Sakhar Amba/ Mango Jam


Its summer time in Munich and lovely raw mangoes in Indian stores. Got some nice big raw mangoes, couldn’t wait to learn the recipe for the Sakhar Amba from my mom as it’s a Authentic Mahrashtraian recipe. Continue reading “Sakhar Amba/ Mango Jam”


Gharge -Pumpkin Sweet

‘Gharge’ is a very traditional sweet from Karnataka that slowly is getting lost in time.

I love this sweet for :its a sweet made with few ingredients and preparation time is also very less time(approx 15 min ).
Its just so yummy —its not too sweet and it stays well for a couple of days with out refrigeration.


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Badam Shreea/Almond Shreea Recipe

badam shreea

Its a recipe from my Mom…

Almond, an age-old brain food is here to do wonders for your child. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein and iron… nutrients that boost brain power. Make it often to keep your kids mentally agile! It is very simple to prepare and can be savored at any time of the day.

Preparation Time: 5 mins
Cooking Time: 16 mins

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Rasgulla ( “Bengali Rasgulla” or “Sponge Rasgulla”)


Rasgulla is a syrupy dessert popular in India, especially in West Bengal. It is made from Chhena (Indian Cottage Cheese) dough, cooked in light syrup made of sugar.Among all the sweets, Rasgulla takes the first place in our home for many reasons, it is delicious, it is easy to make, needs only basic ingredients from the kitchen and the chances of failure are very less if followed correctly.I tried many methods of preparing this sweet but this one I found the best and it turned out surprisingly awesome.

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Edible Gum Ladoo/Dry Fruits Ladoo ( Dinkache Ladoo /Antina Unde)

Edible Gum Ladoo/Dry Fruits Laddu ( Dinkache Ladoo /Antina Unde)Edible gum/ Dry fruits Ladoo is a very popular Indian sweet specially prepared for lactating mothers.Dry fruit laddu is a very healthy dish and provides warmth to the body and is often eaten during winters. Dry fruit laddu is very delicious to taste and flavorful too. Dry fruit laddu is also called as Dink Laddu or Dinkache Laddu (in Marathi) or Antina Unde (Kannada). They can be eaten by anybody especially lactating mother and growing children. These delicious laddus are a traditional winter delicacy that is had with a glass of warm milk for breakfast or makes a perfect dessert after a nice scrumptious meal.