Idli fry recipe

idli recipe

Idli fry recipe – a quick fried snack made with left over idlis. From my Mom’s recipe…..

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Baked Crunchy Cheesy Snack



These little baked cheesy snacks are so easy to make and will be a great little snack while sitting down to watch a movie or a evening tea time snack with aroma of  baked onion,cheese and goodness of beetroot….

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Spice Rice Thalipeeth(Cooked Rice) -My home style


Rice Thalipheet

Thalipeeth is very easy to make and can be prepared in many ways like with a mixture of different flours and mixed with spices, with  sabudana.

This Rice Thalipeeth is prepared with cooked rice. As sometime we have excess cooked rice left over and normally we make it to a lemon rice or a curd rice.Try making this crispy rice thalipeeth can be served for breakfast,  lunch or dinner.

Thalipeeth is served with butter or thick curd or Tomato sauce.  It is a very filling and nutritious breakfast dish.

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Moong and Chole Vada,Lentil Fritters


 Vada is one of the popular snack  in India. Moong(Green Gram) and Chole (Chickpeas) Vada with onion and few more basic ingredients makes  this delicious vadas.We can also call this moong dal pakoda. Moong dal skin gives this vada/pakdoa crunchy outer layer, just how a pakoda should be.  Although battered and deep-fried, the finished product should not absorb the oil since steam build-up within the vada keeps the oil out. The final result is a crispy deep-fried skin around a light and fluffy centre.

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