Honey and Coconut Cake

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Spice Rice Thalipeeth(Cooked Rice) -My home style


Rice Thalipheet

Thalipeeth is very easy to make and can be prepared in many ways like with a mixture of different flours and mixed with spices, with  sabudana.

This Rice Thalipeeth is prepared with cooked rice. As sometime we have excess cooked rice left over and normally we make it to a lemon rice or a curd rice.Try making this crispy rice thalipeeth can be served for breakfast,  lunch or dinner.

Thalipeeth is served with butter or thick curd or Tomato sauce.  It is a very filling and nutritious breakfast dish.

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Seme badhanekai (Chayote Squash) Chutney


Seme badhanekayee

Seeme Badane kai or Chayote squash chutney is a side dish and we can have it with rice, chapati, poori, dose or Idly. Seeme badane chutney can be done quickly and do not need much of ingredients and its tasty too.

Health benefits of having Choyate squash/Seeme Badanekai are many, it is rich in vitamin, calcium and iron, it is eaten as similar to cucumber. Continue reading “Seme badhanekai (Chayote Squash) Chutney”

Healthy Dal soup (Indian Lentil Soup)

dal soup

Dal soup with vegetables is an interesting variation makes it perfect for dinner this season.

Lentils are a great source of protein, fiber, B vitamins, iron and zinc.  Lentils do not require soaking and are quick and easy to prepare.Bursting with flavor, this dish uses a variety of aromatic and flavorful spices .

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