Kaju and Anjeer Barfi (Cashewnut & Fig)



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Edible Gum Ladoo/Dry Fruits Ladoo ( Dinkache Ladoo /Antina Unde)

Edible Gum Ladoo/Dry Fruits Laddu ( Dinkache Ladoo /Antina Unde)Edible gum/ Dry fruits Ladoo is a very popular Indian sweet specially prepared for lactating mothers.Dry fruit laddu is a very healthy dish and provides warmth to the body and is often eaten during winters. Dry fruit laddu is very delicious to taste and flavorful too. Dry fruit laddu is also called as Dink Laddu or Dinkache Laddu (in Marathi) or Antina Unde (Kannada). They can be eaten by anybody especially lactating mother and growing children. These delicious laddus are a traditional winter delicacy that is had with a glass of warm milk for breakfast or makes a perfect dessert after a nice scrumptious meal.